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I met Jack Harries 13.02.2013 -- Saw 1D live 01.05.2013 -- 1D Janoskians District3 5SOS & Youtube-Tumblr.
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She Looks So Perfect


do you ever think that liz hemmings scrolls through the 5sos tag and reads all the textposts and picture captions and thinks “wow these losers need a life” cause i do


Michael probably just wants Luke to get a tattoo so Liz will yet at him.


sometimes i forget that 5sos are actually called 5 seconds of summer

So 5SOS Are Coming To LA Soon And Since I’m So Nice….


I heard that 5SOS were coming to LA in late November or December so I thought that I would make a book with all you guys’ twitter names to give them and stuff :)


1) MBF me on this Tumblr account AND my Twitter Account

1b) REBLOG this post!!

2) Message me your Twitter account here (on tumblr, in my ask)

2b) Include a message also if you want one in the book

3) And your twitter name will be in the book along with your optional message :D

Easy :)

Sup guys :) this is my 5SOS drawing.
Hope you like it.
If you have any suggestions for me to draw  tweet me @Silkaay.
Thanks a lot if you reblog! ♡
My drawing of @ddlovato  #demitria #demi #lovato #demilovato #art #drawing #draw


I think I just made the best CD for the car ever

Wherever You Are - 5SOS

Gotta Get Out - 5SOS

Somewhere in Neverland - All Time Low

She Left Me - McFly

Jasey Rae - All Time Low

Foolish - McFly

Fluorescent Adolescent - Artic Monkeys

Chocolate - The 1975

Not Alone - McFly

On Your Side - A Rocket To The Moon

No Worries - McFly

MMM Bop - The Vamps

Sex - The 1975

Can We Dance - The Vamps

Dead to Me - District3

Girls - The 1975

Save It For The Bedroom - You Me At Six

Yes you did